The X Fusion Manic dropper post is X Fusion’s second iteration of a dropper post. They have come a long way since the HILO and the Manic feels like a much-improved design.

The Manic post is available in 125mm and 150mm drop versions, and the cable routing can only be done internally. At R4000 it sits about halfway in price between the entry level cable actuated posts like the local Lyne Components post and the premium posts like the RS Reverb post. X Fusion products are supplied and serviced by Robbies Bicycle Concept in Port Elizabeth. RBC has a great reputation in the service industry and is known for servicing and tuning suspension to rider’s needs.

I selected the 150mm drop to replace the Giant Control SL post on my Trance. The supplied cable and housing was long enough for my XL frame. Installing the post was easy enough to DIY, but I decided to replace the housing with the new housing while I’m at it and it reminded me again why I don’t like replacing cables on internally routed frames. Fortunately, dropper posts are relatively dirt free, so it will be a while before I’ll need to replace it again.

Interestingly the grub screw that captures the cable goes on the dropper side of the cable (as opposed to my Giant and some Lyne Contour posts) meaning there is no cable end cap popping out at the lever side. Nice touch No1. The actuator linkage has a sliding linkage that pairs with the levers actuated linkage to give the lightest feeling lever I’ve used before. Nice touch No 2 and 3. The lever can also be installed without removing the grip or brake lever, and the paddle can be adjusted in a myriad of positions to suit the rider. Nice touch No4.

The post is fully serviceable, and keyways can be replaced when worn out to reduce play. Out of the box this post very little play and feels way more confidence inspiring than the Giant or any of the Reverbs I’ve had. The return speed is controlled, and it doesn’t announce its full extension with a loud bang like some posts. The finish is certainly as good as on my Reverbs, and the two bolt head has a pleasing low profile.

I still need to put in a lot of hours on the post to give an opinion on longevity, but it feels good, does what it says on the box and looks good while doing so. Let’s see how it fairs over winter.



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