Sometimes you just need to escape.
Sometimes you just need to grab an opportunity when it half presents itself?
Sometimes you need to squeeze in a bit of me-time in the middle of a rough schedule.

Whether it is the fast paced action of a ride condensed into a limited time span, or whether it is because you are playing outside while your peers are at work, it feels good to sneak in a quick ride between meetings, over lunch break or after you smash a deadline in the face and have time to spare.

The happiness lies in empty trails devoid of traffic, spotting a falcon cruising lazily next to you before diving down the valley after an unseen prey, spending time clearing your head of the cobwebs by focusing on only the trail and nature and nature around you while burning the restlessness out of your legs.

Sometimes the midday ride is all of that and beautiful because of it.

The view over Rhebockskloof on a midday ride.


Hi, I’m Philip. I’ve been riding bicycles since I was yaaaay high. Never stopped, never want to stop. My bicycle became a mountain bike, my riding became more serious, up to the point where I realize that I am a mountain biking geek. In the last couple of years I have experienced some weird stuff on my mountain bike.. I have experienced pain, elation, adrenaline, endorphin’s, happiness, suffering, saddle sores, seen broken arms, lots of blood, the most awesome views, made best friends, dragged said friends over mountains, ridden down mountains, realized that pain is relative, that pain can be blanked out, that the human body can be pushed way further that we think it can. And finally, I have learned to do all this with a smile, and experience true joy.

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