Exploring Roam Rooiberg:

I often go in search of new trails to explore and it was on one of these occasions that I discovered Roam Rooiberg; a newly built coffee shop and bike park, which lies about 15 kilometres outside Robertson in the Western Cape, South Africa.

Roam is situated in the valley across from the Rooiberg Winery and the trails were launched in late 2016. Roam itself has a short route that criss-crosses the valley around the park. It also has a shop that doubles as a coffee shop (selling coffee, light meals and cakes), and a fully functional bike shop on the park.

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The trails on Roam have been laid out well and a lot of time and effort has gone into developing them. I tested the longer loop of about 10km in the park itself on the day I went to explore. Roam has partnerships in place with the Rooiberg Winery and some of the farmers on it borders which extends the trails to over 60 kilometres for those who prefer putting in more distance.

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The terrain is basically dry, rocky semi-desert terrain and hosts some spectacular views for those wanting to explore this part of the world. The trails are a mix between long flowing single tracks and jeep tracks which start at the shop. The trail then heads off back down the valley on single track towards to Rooiberg Winery.

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Once you reach the R62 separating the Roam park and the Winery, you are presented with choices; The one stays on the park, which is the trail I decided to explore this day. The section going to the Winery takes you on the extension paths across the farms on the opposite side of the R62.

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The longer loop on the Roam park heads along the fences away from the split and then takes you up on the back side of the Roam valley. It boasts some steep climbs back to the top of the valley. From here takes the rider along winding single tracks up the hills, through the dessert-like vegetation and back to the shop itself.

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The owners of Roam Rooiberg have really put a lot of effort to develop this park from literally a dry open landscape to something special, and guests are received with a warm welcome.I would strongly encourage any rider looking for adventure that finds themselves in the Robertson Area to go visit the Roam Rooiberg park. It is a great ride with some well laid out trails.

My next visit will include the longer loops to which I will add more about the trails in the area on this review.

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Shawn got on his first bike at the age of 7, a BMX which later was upgraded to a 5 speed. Mountain biking soon followed and has been a passion ever since. Shawn enjoys exploring new places and new trails and is passionate about showing people the joys of mountain biking and the outdoors and in so doing taking people out on the trails. Shawn also heads Lochtec Innovations for the last 8 years.

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  1. Great to get such positive feedback, thank you! It is one of my favourite pieces of trail in Robertson.
    Have you ridden any of the Bottelary Hills mtb trails yet, we also developed and built them!

    • Hi Adrian, yes we have ridden the Bottelary hills, we were actually there 2 weeks ago, but found a lot of damage in the sections the fire went through on the top. We would like to do a review of the trails, but thought it be best until those sections are repaired, what do you say?

      Kind Regards

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