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Bold Adventures

All about Cycle Culture and the team.

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Firsthand Encounters
Firsthand Encounters

Follow our adventures as we explore trails near and far.

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"The secret to mountain biking is pretty simple. The slower you go the more likely it is you'll crash." -

Julie Furtado
About Us

Welcome to

The concept of CycleCulture started with a bunch of friends who work in the corporate environment, but also have a passion for mountain biking. So between our busy schedules and time that we spend finding adventure on the bikes, we are busy developing Cycleculture into a unique experience for the mountain bikers out there. An experience that puts them in the “driver’s seat” so to speak of exploring and mapping trails and adventures out where you find yourself, no matter where you are on the planet.

This website is stage 01 of the project, there is a lot more to come. Return again soon or if you want to get involved physically and financially, contact us for more info on what we have planned.

Now go ride your bike!

-The CC Team

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Meet the team.

“Shawn got on his first bike at the age of 7, a BMX which later was upgraded to a 5 speed. Mountain biking soon followed and has been a passion ever since. Shawn enjoys exploring new places and new trails and is passionate about showing people the joys of mountain biking and the outdoors and in so doing taking people out on the trails. Shawn also heads Lochtec Innovations for the last 8 years. ”

Shawn Lochner
Current Bike: 2010 Giant Trance

“Philip learned the love of bikes when he was 13, and consequently Philip still does not have money for other cool stuff. Philip loves bikes. He also loves riding bikes, writing about bikes, talking about bikes, looking at likes and fixing bikes. He loves technical riding, moonlit riding, warm riding and even riding in the rain. He just wants to ride his bike. His greatest fear is that his daughter will one day be faster than him on downhills.”

Phillip Viljoen
Current Bike: 2015 Giant Trance